Lauren’s Story

Having battled with an eating disorder since early teens, getting progressively worse during university years, my interest in the gym was sparked. Over the past 4 years id gone through phases of doing nothing but cardio to training nothing but heavy weights. Neither seemed to work for me as my issues continued to spiral and I would battle the binge/purge cycle on a daily basis. When I was 18 I was diagnosed with PCOS (policystic ovary syndrome) a condition that affects hormone levels and this emphasised my disorder even more. 

I was introduced to Ellie around 2 years ago when although I was managing a regular gym routine, my self confidence was at an all time low and I would frequently use food and exercise to cope with stressful situations further fuelling my issues.

I was shocked at how open and honest I could be with Ellie, confiding my issues with her so that she could help me face them. Never once did she judge me, just listened supported and offered advice.  I began following a diet and exercise plan tailored to my lifestyle and condition. I felt more energetic, healthier and could see my body and attitude changing for the better!
Unfortunately a relationship break up once again left me vulnerable and the bad habits began creeping back in. Over exercise and binge / purge cycles were becoming more and more frequent. Once again I called upon Ellie who simply listened, helped me put everything in perspective. For the past 4 weeks, I have been following a plan designed by Ellie focused on my hormones and menstrual cycle. I’ve felt more energised and found my love for exercise again (without overexercising and stressing my body!) Food changes and new exercise regimes have been daunting but Ellie is always on hand to talk through any worries or “wobbly moments”.
Ellie is an excellent personal trainer, and a fountain of knowledge on diet, physical exercise and mental health. I cannot recommend her and wings of health enough️. She is a constant support and guidance to me and I would be lost without her. With encouraging messages and regular check ins I feel supported and  comfortable as I work on my physical, mental and spiritual health and am learning to love myself again.

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